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Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Success

Client runs a business where he buys printers, refurbishes them and then sells them to Asia and Africa.

He is on the £200k route and previously relied on £106k in his personal account and the rest in his business (in which he is the sole owner). He has invested the money from his business from India directly to the company in the UK and this will be by way of share capital.

His visa is due to run out in July 2018. He will be applying for himself, his wife and 2 children

We were instructed to assist you in his application to extend you and your family's Tier 1 Entrepreneur leave which is due to expire in July 2018.

The client have already invested some money directly into your UK company from your business in India by way of share capital. However, he is yet to employ people in your business.

We were instructed to specifically review his circumstances periodically to ensure that documents and circumstances meet the Home Office requirements for further leave to remain as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur and to assist the client in submitting that application.

We assisted the client in reviewing his circumstance and successfully lodged a Tier 1 Entrepreneur application. This application was successful.

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