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uk immigration lawyers

Tier 1 General Success Stories

Our client called us informing us that they currently held a valid Tier 1 General visa however require an early extension in order to apply for a visa outside of the UK.

The client is self-employed and have earnings of £70,000 and the client's company turnover is in the region of £200,000. They scored a maximum points under all of the requirements for a Tier 1 General extension.

We had a resounding success with this application.

Please note that the Tier 1 General UK Immigration route is now closed to entry clearance applications; and is on the verge of been phased out completely.

Tier 1 General is a point's based category and with this, you will need to evidence that you meet the points in order to extend. This will require for you to show points for;

  1. Qualifications;
  2. Age;
  3. Earnings;
  4. UK based earnings exceeding a certain threshold;
  5. English language;
  6. Maintenance.

We will need to produce specified evidence illustrating your earnings and to also show that you are a genuine applicant. The documentary evidence expected of you differs depending on whether you are employed or self-employed. We will confirm what evidence this is in a list of documents tailored to your situation.

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