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Unless the applications are retained by the PEO, Croydon for additional enquiries, these applications are submitted through the same-day visa service and decisions on them are made the same day. Individuals are advised that the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card is sent by the Home Office to the immigration solicitors in order to protect delivery within 10 working days.

The Home Office has a right to retain the individual’s application for additional enquiries if the application for leave to remain is not straightforward. Through the same day visa service, decisions on more than 95% of applications submitted are made on the same day. If the application is submitted through the same day visa service, the individual is advised by the immigration lawyers in detail whether or not his or her applications will be retained for additional enquiries.

The work of the immigration lawyers include:

  • Receiving the PEO appointment for the agreed date;

  • Advising the applicant on the necessary and relevant requirements needed to be submitted concerning the application;

  • Making sure that the individual’s documents are in order and these documents have met the relevant requirements for a successful application;

  • Making sure the application forms are complete;

  • For a successful application to occur, the immigration solicitors prepare a cover letter in support of the application which explains how the relevant requirements are being met;

  • Accompanying the applicant and his/her dependants on the date of PEO appointment to the Home office, PEO, Croydon;

  • Assisting the individual and his/her dependents in the enrolment of their biometrics and submission of their applications to the PEO, Home Office, Croydon;

  • Liaising with the Home Office for a swift decision on the application and making available any additional documentary evidence to the Home Office if the application has been retained for further enquiries;

  • Until a decision on the application by the Home Office has been received by the immigration solicitors, the immigration solicitors will continue to do all the follow-up work.

The applicant and any dependents who are applying at the same time have to attend the Home Office. For the application to be decided on the same day, the applicant and his/her dependants are to enrol biometrics and this is necessary for the applicant’s attendance at the Home Office. The immigration lawyers will assist the applicant by providing legal representation that will accompany the applicant and his/her dependents (if any) to the Home Office, PEO, help the applicant with their biometric enrolment and with the submission of their application.

The standard fee plus an extra £400 will be charged by the Home Office, PEO to each applicant. When booking the PEO appointment online, the fee can also be paid in full. The premium service can be paid to the Home Office by debit or credit card. On behalf of the applicant, as part of the immigration lawyers same day visa service, these immigration solicitors can boo the applicant’s PEO appointment.

In the case where the passport is invalid, the submission of the application through Premium Service will not be permitted by the Home Office, PEO. A fresh application cannot be submitted through Same Day Visa Service if the applicant's passport has been retained by the Home Office following the refusal of any previously submitted application.

The application can be submitted within 28 days of the visa expiry date through the Same Day Visa Service. Within six months of the visa expiry date, it is possible to apply through Same Day Visa Service for ILR using SET (M) and this only occurs in the case of SET (M) application.

In the case where the original passport of an applicant's sponsor/partner is not available, the submission of the SET (M) application through Premium Service will not be permitted by the Home Office, PEO.

In order to show the strength of relationship and erase doubts from the Home Office about the relationship status, it would be of a better nature if the sponsor/partner of the applicant attend the Home Office, PEO with the applicant. Although an application can be submitted without the partner/sponsor present because it is not compulsory for the partner/sponsor to attend the Home Office, PEO. For the application to be submitted through Same Day Visa Service, the original passport of the partner/sponsor is required.

An application that has been submitted to the Home Office, PEO before the expiry date of the individual’s visa and at the same time that application has been refused, the individual will still have the valid leave to remain but he /she does not get the right of appeal because of the valid leave of remain. As long as the individual has the valid leave remain in the UK, he or she can make a fresh application. The refusal can also be challenged by way of Judicial Review when it is necessary.

An applicant is required to get an in-country right of appeal if his/her application was submitted to the Home Office, PEO prior to the expiry date of the individual’s leave and the application has been retained by the Home Office for further enquiries and they have also refused the application. The immigration solicitors can also represent the individual in his/her appeal against the refusal of an application.

The individual may not get a right of appeal if the application submitted after the expiry date of his/her leave has been refused and this refusal can be challenged by way of Judicial Review.

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