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Subject Access Request To The Home Office

"Subject Access Request" is a request for access to records and other relevant information as it concerns the record, from an individual or an organization known as the data controller who is expected to possess, reveal or utilize the information for which access is required. Information on personal data might take the computerized form or written form (paper records) in some cases.

An individual who would like to find out if information about him/her is in record, he/she would have to write to the individual or organization who are believed to have possession of this information, this is known also as subject access request. The individual is expected to make a request for a copy of the entire information on him/her that is applicable to the Act.

Subject Access Request To The Home Office, UKBA

Any individual who would like to get access to all information held about him/her comprising of documents, notes, records, information etc. can do so by making a subject access request for a copy of these documents to the Home Office, UKBA. To make this request, you are expected to make available:

  • a cheque or postal order payable to 'The Home Office Accounting Officer' for £10; and
  • adequate personal information so as make it easy for the UKBA to identify you uniquely e.g. driver's licence, a copy of your passport, original copies of utility bills and the reference number provided by the Home Office if available.

All requests are expected to be written and signed.

In a situation where the person requires a specific document from the UKBA, he/she should make it known so as to make the process easier and possibly quicken the response from the UKBA.

All Subject Access Request (SAR) are to be sent to the address of the Home Office, UKBA as identified below:

UK Border Agency
Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road

It is recommended by the UKBA that any individual who seeks to make Subject Access Request (SAR) should do so with their form, though he/she can has the right to choose to make the subject access request without the form. The form can however be downloaded from the UKBA website.

It is required that the subject access request be written and the required fee paid to the Home Office so the request made can be acted upon by the Home Office.

The Home Office, UKBA is mandated to act in accordance to the Data Protection Act and process the request within 40 days after which the request was received. In a circumstance where the Home Office fails to act in this accord, the individual can challenge the decision by way of Judicial Review in High Court as this omission is considered illegal.

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