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uk immigration lawyers

Immigration refusals

I was issued indefinite leave to enter but with expired date. I was advice to take a life in UK test and I don't know what to do next as the expiring date is getting closer.

I urgently need your help with please. I am a 27 year old young Namibian lady who would like to come to UK for study purposes and work with my family (husband and children aged 5,3 and 1). I am been trying to get a hold of the right person to help me and my family. I would love to get a degree and so I can get good employment once i am done in my home country Namibia. PLEASE do help me start the process.

I hope this finds you well. I am looking to speak with someone who can advise me on my husbands Visa appeal. He is currently in Australia and I am in London. This is the second time his Visa has been declined in spite of already paying several Immigration consultancy firms in the UK and Australia who assured us we met the criteria. we met in London, married in 2011, he successfully gained a spouse visa and we lived in London until Sept 2014 when we both moved to Aus. I stayed until April 2015 and had to return home for family reasons, I stayed in London and worked for 6 months, I then returned to Aus to be with [name removed] in October 2015. I worked for 6 months on a fixed term contract for [name removed], earning well over the threshold. [name removed] applied for his Visa to come back to the UK, which was declined on grounds that I did not have a job at that point in the UK. I then came back to London in May 2016 on my own to apply for a job so that [name removed] could reapply. I got a fixed term contract for three months, while I looked for something permanent. All of the consultants we spoke with and legal experts who were happy to take our money, advised this was sufficient and that we would have no problems with all of the supporting information we had. The issue we are having is with regards to my employment, They have sent a horribly confusing letter with the reasons for the decline, although I would not consider myself or my husband to be of particularly low intelligence we just can't understand what we are missing. I am uneasy about speaking to an immigration specialist but if you could give me any assurance that you may be able to help us I would really like a short appointment with a lawyer or whoever may help in this sort of situation.

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