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Our client was on a Tier 1 General and needed to extend his leave along with his wife and child. The application was refused and he instructed our immigration solicitors to assist with the appeal process.

As he did not qualify to apply for a Tier 1 extension, his only option in the UK was to apply for ILR under the long residence rules. With this, he opened an 18-month gap as he did not meet the rules as they stand. Instead, we may be expected to appeal the decision (if we are able to submit in time) and we ask that he sought to earn enough money prior to April to apply for a Tier 1 extension. We can then withdraw this appeal and apply in the Tier 1 General category (before it closes).

We were instructed on Friday evening at 745pm, and the client visa expired within a week of instructing us. We, therefore, needed to complete the forms on the same day in time for a submission in the early hours. This was quite tedious and strenuous on the team as we needed to deliver results in such a short period of time.

The only option we had was to make a discretionary application and appeal when they are refused to buy the time in line with your case, so that we can withdraw and reapply in the category of Tier 1 extension before April 2015, when it closes.

This application came out a success and the client was happy all round



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