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Relocating to London for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa

I have learned that your company can do UK visas, I wanted to do tier 1 GBP 200,000 investment visa. I live in UAE at the moment and want to relocate to London.

Thank you for your enquiry. At Reiss Edwards, we pride ourselves as one of the leading tier 1 Entrepreneur law firms in the UK; it is one of our specialities and we have assisted numerous clients with this visa. We are also in partnership with other companies providing related services including but not limited to relocation, education, accounting and business plans writing services. Such services that will compliment your visa application to ensure you have a fruitful stay in the UK.

The first point we have to address is your access to £200,000. Is the £200,000 in your name or in that of a third party? It is important to note that if the funds are in a third party's name, you have to provide a third party declaration to show the money is available to you and disposable in the UK. The Home office have a strict wording they expect the third party declaration to have and our Tier 1 lawyers can advise on this.

It is also important to know if you will be investing in a new business or an already existing UK business. The requirements for either of them are very different. Our immigration lawyers are also well versed in this and are able to advice you on the best way to approach either of them.

We have a single package that will allow us to continue to advice you throughout the period as well as your extension application. It is becoming common for Tier 1 entrepreneurs to be refused on their extension application for things they either forgot about or won't have missed out on if they had an immigration adviser.

Things like registering your company within 6 months, recruiting migrants to work for you, RTIs and other immigration compliance requirements.

More significantly, there are also issues regarding clarity on what constitute 2 full time employment. The Home Office requires that to be eligible for extension, you must have employed 2 full time workers for 2 years. The issues that commonly arise here include where you have employed 5 full time workers and they stop working for you at different points. How should this then count towards two full time employment. There is also the issue related to recruiting settled persons as well as what the definition of settled persons; especially in the light of Brexit.

Our immigration lawyers have assisted countless number of clients on their Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications, contact us today for a free immigration advice over the phone today on 02037442797 or drop us an email on


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