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I need re-apply for an entrepreneur visa of a £50k path before Friday 9th June. This is because my previous entrepreneur visa application which I made on the 7th February was turned down on the 24th May (the letter arrived on the 26th May by registered mail) after having gone through an administrative review. The reason for refusal was the inadequacy of my accounts which I attached to prove my direct investment of 24 months prior to the application. Before February, I was on Graduate Entrepreneur visa from [date withheld] which was sponsored by my university where I completed my MA. My current situation is that I have £17k (besides 1k maintenance) in my cash account for longer than 90 days as well as £33k in cash. I understand I will have to use the 3rd party investment path since the £33k is not in my account long enough. Could you provide me with advise as to how to make this situation into a successful application? Best regards.

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In the above scenario, the client has been refused a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa on the basis that the documentary evidence provided were insufficient. With refusals on the basis of insufficient docuemnts, the question that comes to mind is that - is it this a case that the documents provided did not support the claims made in the application or documents were not provided to support the claims made or was it plainly a case of deception. If this is a case of deception, our immigration advicers would need to see the reasons/motives to determine if this is a deliberate deception.

What ever position you find yourself, please contact one of our solicitors to see how we can help. With regards to 3rd party funding, it is better that all the money in the 3rd party (in this case your friend) bank account.

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