Safe country list

A list drawn up by the Home Office of countries where it believes that persecution does not take place.  Asylum seekers from these countries are likely to have their asylum application refused and ar

Safe third country

The Home Office deems certain countries to be places where a refugee is safe from persecution: for example all EU states, Canada, the USA, Switzerland and Norway. If an asylum seeker travels through a


Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme


Sector Based Scheme

Screening interview

Screening interviews are meetings between asylum seekers and immigration officers to establish: identity, route to the UK, liability to return to a third country, eligibility for support, liability to

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS)

"Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) is a scheme under which Bulgarian and Romanian nationals may be admitted to the UK to undertake seasonal work on farms. SAWS dates from the immediate pos

Section 2

Section 2 of the Asylum & Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act 2004 gives the Home Office power to prosecute asylum seekers who a valid document which states their name, nationality or citize

Section 4 support

"Section 4 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 gives the Home Office power to grant support to some destitute asylum seekers whose asylum application and appeals have been rejected. Support granted

Section 55 (Borders Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009)

Section 55 of the Borders Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009 requires the Home Office to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in discharging its immigration and nationa

Section 55 (Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002)

Section 55 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 gives the Home Office power to deny support to asylum seekers deemed not to have applied for asylum ‘as soon as reasonably practicable

Section 57

Section 57 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 states that Home Office support can be withheld if the asylum seeker fails to provide complete or accurate information to the authorities

Section 9

Section 9 of the Asylum & Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Act 2004 gives the Home Office power to withdraw support from families with children under 18 whose asylum application and appeals h

Section 95 support

Support may be provided under Section 95 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 to destitute asylum seekers until their asylum claim is finally determined. Section 95 support can be provided as both a

Section 98 support

Whilst a claim for section 95 support is being considered, section 98 permits the Secretary of State to provide or arrange for the provision of support for asylum seekers or dependants of asylum seeke

Sector Based Scheme

Sector Based Scheme (SBS) is a quota-based scheme for Bulgarian and Romanian nationals, which only covers the food manufacturing sector. SBS for other nationalities was closed in December 2006; prior

Separated children

Separated children are children under 18 years of age who are outside their country of origin and separated from both parents, or previous/legal customary care giver. Separated children are typically


Defined by section 33(2A) of the Immigration Act 1971 – a person is settled in the United Kingdom if he is ordinarily resident there without being subject under the immigration laws to any restricti

Settled person

A person without immigration time restrictions

Settled status (settlement)

Also known as settlement, you are considered to be 'settled' in the UK if you are ordinarily resident here and have no restriction on the amount of time that you may remain in the UK.


"The status granted to foreign nationals conferring the to remain indefinitely in the UK. Also known as indefinite leave to remain. A grant of indefinite leave to enter (on arrival) or indefinite l

Sham Marriage

"A fraudulent practice used by some illegal immigrants, defined in section 24(5) of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 as follows: “Sham marriage” means a marri age (whether or not void)- a

Shortage Occupation List

Shortage occupations are ones where there are not enough settled workers to fill available jobs in particular sectors. These occupations are on a shortage occupation list, published by the Home Office

Short-term International Migrant

By international standards, a person who changes his or her country of usual residence for at least three months but less than twelve months. Some ONS data use a second definition based a stay of one

Sole representative

You may apply to enter the UK as a sole representative in order to establish an office of an overseas business in the UK. To qualify you must intend to work full-time in this capacity and you must not


A solicitor is a lawyer who has been admitted as a solicitor by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and whose name appears on the Roll of Solicitors.


Someone already in the UK with status who can help bring someone to the UK under the relevant immigration route on the basis of their immigration status

Standard acknowledgement letter (SAL)

In some cases, the Home Office will not be able to issue an asylum registration card, see Application registration card. Instead, a standard acknowledgement letter may be given which acknowledges an

Student visitor

The Student visitor category provides for those persons who wish to come to the UK as a visitor and undertake a short period of study which will be completed within the period of their leave (maximum

Student visitors

People with entry visas allowing them to stay in the UK for up to 6 months as students in formal education. They do not have the right to work while in the UK. Student visitor visas are required only


Non-EEA nationals travelling to the UK primarily or solely for the purpose of study.

Subject to Immigration control

When a person is in the UK on a limited basis with conditions attached to their stay

Subsistence support

Subsistence support is the cash element of Home Office support. Asylum seekers who have accommodation, for example with friends or relatives, can apply for subsistence support only. This form of suppo

Supreme Court

The highest Court in the UK. This was formerly the House of Lords.


"This is the term used when someone already in the United Kingdom in one immigration category, applies to extend their stay in the United Kingdom in another immigration category and without leaving th




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