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A NASS 35 is a document which states that the holder is no longer entitled to asylum support as they have received a positive decision on their asylum application. It is used to demonstrate that they are eligible for welfare benefits ...

National Assistance Act 1948 (NAA)

The National Assistance Act 1948 gives local authorities the responsibility to provide accommodation and services to people with a disability or other care need. It also puts an obligation on local authorities to conduct an assessment of anyone who might require ...

National Health Service (NHS)

The publicly funded health care system of the United Kingdom.


"Also known as British naturalisation, this term is used to describe the process whereby non-British adults apply for British citizenship. The process whereby adult applicants are granted British citizenship on the basis of their residence in the UK Naturalisation is ...

Net Fiscal Impact of Migrants

The difference between the taxes and other contributions of migrants and the cost of the government services used and public benefits received by migrants.

New Asylum Model (NAM)

The New Asylum Model was introduced for all new asylum claims in April 2007. NAM entailed a 'case owner' from the UK Border Agency being responsible for processing the application from beginning to end. The system is no longer in ...

New EU countries

Countries that have been members of the EU since 2004. This includes: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus (EU part), Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Unique identifying numbers given to all people born in the UK and to non-UK nationals over 16 who are planning to work and/or claim benefits in the UK.

Non-compliance grounds

Non-compliance grounds signify a failure to cooperate with the process to examine and decide the asylum claim within a reasonable period. This includes refusals for failure to respond to invitations to interview to establish identity.

Non-compliance refusal

A non-compliance refusal is a refusal of an asylum claim on the grounds that the applicant has not complied with a direction given by the Home Office. These can include failure to provide appropriate documentation or failure to attend a ...


Non-refoulement is the central obligation of the 1951 Refugee Convention requiring a state not to 'expel or return a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where her life or freedom would be threatened '

Non-suspensive appeal

A Non-suspensive appeal is a right of appeal where UKBA has concluded that there are insufficient grounds shown that would qualify for a grant of asylum, Humanitarian Protection or Discretionary Leave to remain (known as a 'clearly unfounded claim') ...

Non-suspensive appeals (NSA)

When a claim for asylum falls under the non-suspensive appeals process it means that the applicant only has the right to appeal against a negative  Home Office decision once outside of the UK.

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

An Executive Agency within the Department of Finance and Personnel. It provides statistical and research information regarding Northern Ireland.

Notified voluntary departure

Notified voluntary departure is where persons against whom enforcement action has been initiated, decide to voluntarily leave the UK and inform the UK Border Agency of their intention to depart (either by phoning their Local Enforcement Unit (LEO) or filling ...


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