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Landing card

A landing card is a form completed by all passengers subject to immigration control, which is given to the Immigration Officer on arrival. A landing card is completed for each journey; a person who makes more than one journey is ...

Leave to enter

"Permission given by immigration officials at the port of entry to enter the UK in accordance with a particular immigration category. Permission given by Immigration officials at the port of entry to enter the United Kingdom."

Leave to enter/remain

Leave to enter is granted to applicant applying to enter the UK from overseas.  Leave to remain is granted to an applicant applying for leave from inside the UK to stay the UK

Leave to Remain

Leave to remain is permission to stay in the UK either temporarily (limited leave to remain) or permanently (indefinite leave to remain).

Legal aid

Government funding that can help people meet the costs of legal services they require if they are eligible to receive it.

Legal representative

Legal representative is a barrister or a solicitor, solicitor's employee or other authorised person who acts for an applicant or appellant in relation to a claim.


Quarterly survey of households in Britain. See our data sources and limitations page for a detailed description. Synonyms: Labour Force Survey

Licensed sponsor

"An institution (education or employer) who is registered with the Home Office and has a licence to employ migrant workers or, if an educational institution, to enroll foreign students on their courses An organisation that is licensed by the Home ...

Life in the UK test

A multiple-choice exam that migrants wishing to settle or naturalise in the UK can take to demonstrate the required level knowledge of life in the UK.

Limited leave

Leave to enter or remain in the UK for a specific amount of time. Conditions may be attached to your leave, such as restrictions on your ability to seek employment and the requirement that you can support yourself without any ...

Limited leave to Enter/Remain

Leave to enter or remain for a limited, set period only

Limited Leave to Remain

Permission to stay in the United Kingdom temporarily, for a length of time stated on the visa.


A lockbox is a central filing location that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) uses to take in filing fees more efficiently for certain types of applications. It's the first destination for an application package, which the lockbox ...


Long Term International Migration: the official government statistics on migration to and from the UK, produced by ONS by adjustments to the International Passenger Survey.

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