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Family formation and reunion

Family formation and reunion is a summary category used in descriptions of settlement statistics reflecting persons granted settlement on grounds of their relationship to another person already settled or a British citizen. Includes husbands, wives, children, parents and grandparents and ...

Family Member Residence Card

A vignette endorsed in a passport of an EEA national family member's passport

Family reunion

Family reunion is the policy enabling people given refugee status or humanitarian protection to bring their spouse and dependent children join them in the UK.

First-Tier Tribunal Judges

First-Tier Tribunal Judges hear and decide appeals on immigration and asylum matters in the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).

First-tier Tribunal 

The first level of the Immigration Tribunal at which you can appeal a negative asylum or immigration decision.


Foreign, for the purposes of the Control of Immigration: United Kingdom publication, means 'nonCommonwealth' to 1998 and 'non-Commonwealth' and 'non-EEA' from 1999.

Foreign nationals 

In the UK context, anyone who does not have British citizenship.


In the UK context, anyone who was born outside the UK. This can include naturalised citizens and children born abroad of UK national parent(s).

Fresh Claim

When an asylum seeker has had their claim rejected, but then new evidence becomes available which was not considered in their initial claim, they may submit the new evidence to the Home Office as a fresh claim for asylum.

Further Education

Schooling at a level beyond compulsory secondary education but below degree-level.

Further leave to remain (FLR)

An extension of the migrant's right to stay in the UK

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