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Case resolution process

The case resolution process was set up by the Home Office to deal with unresolved cases of those who claimed asylum before April 2007. Claims were dealt with by the Case Resolution Directorate at the UK Border Agency. It was originally ...

Certificate of identity

Certificate of Identity, also known as the 'Home Office travel document' can be issued to people who have humanitarian protection or discretionary leave. The Certificate of Identity is not valid to travel to the country of origin.


British citizenship is acquired by birth, adoption, descent, registration or naturalisation in accordance with the provisions of the British Nationality Act 1981, which was substantially amended by the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.

Citizenship Survey

Government-run survey of a random sample of the British population. See our data sources and limitations page for a detailed description.

Civil partner

A legal relationship status for which same sex couples may register, and which accords many of the same legal rights as marriage.

Common Travel Area

The common travel area comprises the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland. Subject to a number of detailed exceptions, journeys within the area are not subject to immigration control. For practical purposes this means ...


Voluntary association with historical origins in the British Empire, made up of 54 countries.

Commonwealth citizen

You are a commonwealth citizen if you are a national of any country within the Commonwealth of Nations. As a Commonwealth citizen you may receive certain preferential rights and privileges in many other Commonwealth countries, including the UK.


The COMPASS project was launched in 2009 to set up the contracts for the provision of support to asylum seekers in the dispersal areas. The contracts which were let during 2012 are all with private companies. The support providers who have the ...

Convention Travel Document (CDT)

A Convention Travel Document, also known as 'blue document' is given to people with refugee status to use as a valid travel document in place of passport to travel overseas. This document is valid for all countries except the ...


Written communication, usually by email or letters, between two or more people or organizations.


A term used to describe a barrister.

Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal is the highest court within the Higher Courts, which also includes the High Court and Crown Court. Where a case has been refused by the Upper Tribunal, it may be possible in some circumstances to challenge ...


Conditional Resident - Green cards marked CR1 are issued to spouses who have been married for less than two years at the time their green card was first approved. Two years later, the conditional resident must file Form ...


UK Immigration and Visas may curtail your leave,  i.e. shorten and bring it to an early end, if they believe you are no longer eligible for that leave or a decision has been made that you obtained your ...

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