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Our client is a British (date of birth: [data removed]) and partner [name removed] ) is Lebanese([data removed) , not yet married. Have been in a relationship for one year. Met in Saudi Arabia.

They are planning to come in UK as contract finishes in June 2017. Advised to have a job lined up in the UK. She currently earns about £32ks worked for 2.5 years. Advised will need a job offer for over £18,600. Has £20k in regards to savings.

She lives with partner unofficially and there is no paper trail. Has documents to show messages, photos, greeting cards etc...

Has not arranged property.

Has no character issues. Applied for a visit visa in Dec 2015 on finances. He is an architect and is paid monthly (works for the royal family). No paper trail of expenditures that were reimbursed and so rejected.

Has a degree in Architect taught in English. Tutor confirmed that degree level.

Our client instructed our immigration solicitors to assist Client with an application to enter the UK from June 2017 as the fiance of our client's partner, Miss Victoria Shaw and then to apply for leave to remain as her spouse once they have married.

Client are both living in Saudi Arabia with Victoria working there. However, her contract of employment expires in June 2017 and therefore she will be returning to the UK.

Client have both decided that they want to marry in the UK and then to remain in the UK as her spouse thereafter.

We made a fiance visa application for our client on the basis of the above and it came back approved




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