Tier 2 Indefinite Leave to remain with absences

I was wondering if you could let me know at your earliest opportunity on whether you are able to help me with my problem. In summary, I am a Syrian passport holder and I am currently working in London. My employment contract is with a UK employer and the terms and conditions of the agreement is that I only work in the London office for 6 months and in the Dubai office for 18 months (totaling 2 years). My main goal is to try to work in the UK for 5 years and get the ILR. Obviously my work contract has made that impossible for me to do but I am planning to come back to London to find a job after the 2 years are up so that I am able to gain citizenship. Nevertheless, I am really annoyed that I have this 1.5 year gap that will mean I can only start my ILR process after 2 years and I am trying to find a way around this. I heard that (and correct me if this is wrong) if I continued to pay UK taxes through out the 2 years, then if and when I come back and work for another 3 years then the Home Office might consider granting me an ILR (notwithstanding the fact I was in Dubai for 1.5 years out of the 5 years). Please let me know if you have any experience in this area/or if you are able to help me with such an application (if it even is possible). I work Monday-Friday 9am-7pm so I am only able to return your calls at lunch time. I've spoken to one of your solicitors before on the phone on a separate issue and I really liked his advice at the time, and this is why I've approached you again. I look forward to receiving a response soon.

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