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Application for Settlement In the UK, I came to UK as a refuge got 2 years leave to remain I applied for Settlement here but was refused, See our response
I have a Ukrainian partner who I have been with for over 3 years. What are the options for getting her temporarily and then ultimately on a permanent basis.
Tier 2 visa application refused because the Home Office were not convinced the employer wanted to hire me. The reason is clearly wrong. See our response,
My Fiance And I Are Planning To Get Married In May, In Turkey. I Am A British Citizen And He Is An Algerian Citizen. After our wedding and honeymoon,
My name is [data withheld]. I am a Jordanian citizen. I was married to a girl from the United Kingdom in August 2015.
If my partner does not meet the Sponsorship requirements, what other visa applications am i able to use, even as my child is a citizen of the UK.
Applying for a Tier 2 ILR even with absences
What are the requirements if I want to apply for a Fiance Visa, and if my fiance is from another country what requirements would I need to meet?
Is it Possible for me to get a visa that allows me to come to the UK and get Married?
Is it Possible for a Spouse/Partner who lives with me to Apply for Residence Card?
If my Partner/Spouse is Out of the Country What Type of Visa should I Apply to get them to the UK
Caught With Possession of Marijuana Would This Affect My Immigration
Spouse Marriage Visa and dependant Visa - Reiss Edwards FAQ
Graduate entrepreneur to Tier 1 Entrepreneur refusal
Dependant application on a Tier 2 change of employment
Tier 2 Sponsor Licence application refusal - Genuine Vacancy
Spouse deported but married EU National outside the country, can they come back to the UK together?
Applying for a spouse visa when I don't have a full time job
When Is it best to apply for an unmarried partner visa
Applying for a Permanent Residence Card and British Passport together
Unmarried partner financial requirement - Immigration question.
I have learned that your company can do UK visas, I wanted to do tier 1 GBP 200,000 investment visa. I live in UAE at the moment and want to relocate to London.
Living for 9 years with British children. Can i apply for Indefinite Leave to remain
Can I combine employments to meet the financial requirement when making a spouse visa application?
Engaged to a British citizen on a visit visa and now pregnant, how can I stay back in the UK during my pregnancy?
I am EU national, can I apply for Permanent residence with my wife and daughter also?
I am illegal in the UK. I had visit visa for 6 months and now i am in a relationship with a British girl
£18600 financial requirement for Self employed
Unmarried parter visa application
General UK Immigration FAQs
Administrative Reviews - FAQs
FAQs - Long Residence
PBS Dependant Visas - FAQs
EEA Visa application FAQs
Immigration Act 2014 - FAQs
Judicial Review Against The Home Office - FAQs
Naturalisation As A British Citizen - FAQs
General FAQs About UK Immigration
Same Day Service FAQs
Immigration refusals
UK Visa applications
FAQs for a UK Visit, Child Dependent, Unmarried partner and Spouse Visas
UK visas based on relationships
ILR based on 10 years been legally in the UK

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