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EEA Extended Family Member

Our client and his partner live together in the UK now and he is on a tourist visa with an Australian passport. His partner has both Australian and Irish nationality. They arrived in the UK last month and have lived together in Australia for over 2 years in the sponsors mother's home.

The sponsor is searching for work but has not found a role yet. She is registered with the Job Centre and has evidence of applications having been made.

How we helped

We asked that she let us know when she finds a role so we can submit this evidence also. In the interim, as she has entered the UK in the last 3 months, we made an application for the applicant whilst she was still searching for work.

Durable relationship was relatively straight forward to prove, although utility bills were limited. We opted for bank statements both joint and individual, wage slips, Tax documents and letters from friends and family in confirmation. They are engaged to get married, so we sought evidence of this We went as far as showing evidence of them been on holidays together and recent travels together with where they have joint rail tickets and accommodation bookings.

We lodged an Extended family member application for our client and it was successful

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