Dependant application on a Tier 2 change of employment

I wanted to reach out to you regarding your pricing and whether you can assist me with Dependent visas for my spouse and daughter. Background: I am on Tier 2 general visa sponsored by a Tier 1 firm in the UK and my wife is currently on Tier 2 Dependent visa in the UK where our visas were issued in our Home country prior to relocating to UK. I am soon going to change my sponsor to another firm. With this background, I had a few queries which are mentioned below: a) Does my dependent (spouse and daughter) need to re-apply for the dependent visas as I am changing my sponsorer? b) If they need to re-apply for the visas, what are the cost involved in re-applying to UKBA i.e. do they have to repay the IHS and Visa cost or just the Visa cost? c) What would your charges be if I have to engage you to assist me with this application filing with UKVI Would appreciate if you could revert as soon as possible

Your enquiry relates to you, a Tier 2 migrant who is in the process of changing employers, you want to find out if your dependants needs to make another application to switch thier dependancy on the basis that you are no longer with your former employer. If this is the case, you do not need to make any fresh application for your dependants. You just need to apply for a new Tier 2 on the basis of your new employer, the IHS fees you would be paying will just be yours; especially since you are the only one making the visa application.

Our business immigration lawyers can help you make a tier 2 visa application to switch to a new employee. If your new employer does not yet have a sponsor licence, we can also help with the Tier 2 sponsor licence application. We offer a free initial assessment over the phone. Contact us today on 02037442979.

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