Switching From Tier 2 Visas To Tier 1

Switching From Tier 2 Visas To Tier 1

One of the most asked questions of immigration advisers is about switching from a tier 2 visa to a tier 1 visa. A change in circumstances with regards to an employer or even a visa holder looking to switch to one of the tier 1 routes which usually seeks investment from those based abroad is possible.


Depending on the Tier 1 route you wish to use, you will need to match up with the criteria.

  • You will need to have £200,000 in funds to invest (entrepreneur)
  • You will need £2 million to invest (Investor)
  • The money will need to be held in a regulated institution
  • You will need to have a good grasp of the English language
  • You will need to have the right skills to run a viable business in the sector that you define in your application.


One of the biggest things in Tier 1 applications is the need for documentary evidence. Even though you have been based in the UK, you will still need to prove that you have the necessary skills and know-how to start up and run a successful enterprise in the UK. To demonstrate this you will need a strong business plan and documentation to prove your skills and talent in the sector.

The best route for you

The best route for you is going to depend on your level of skill, experience, and financial backing. For those with more money available, the process seems significantly easier. The UK has only so much in the way of resources and the Conservative government is keen to reduce cost as much as possible, by bringing in wealthy individuals they know they are unlikely to be burdened by them.

If you don't have significant financial backing then you are going to be looking at Tier 1 exceptional talent visa, this is designed to ensure that the best talent available comes to the UK to live and work, whilst it doesn't require huge sums of capital it does mean that the person will need to be recognized as being outstanding by a leading authority in the field as the government will seek proof that the candidate is indeed exceptional. But ideally, if you have some capital the other two tier 1 routes are less arduous, but will still require lots of documentary evidence that you are a serious prospect. The UK has to field significant numbers of visa applications and is very good at filtering out those who are trying to play the system.

How we can help

If you are looking at any of these opportunities then you may need the advice and support of immigration specialists. By having immigration solicitors in your corner you are giving yourself the maximum chance to succeed in your visa application. We project manage the whole process and ensure that your application is exactly as it should be and presents you in the best light possible. So if you would like our help please get in touch.

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