Is the UK still a destination for top tech Talents?

Is the UK still a destination for top tech Talents?

Even with Donald Trump's woes in the US, the UK still isn't the preferred destination for tech talent according to a report carried out by the international recruiter Hired. The report has suggested that the US is no longer the attractive destination that it was for top tech talent, this appears to be in no small part due to the chaotic running of the country by President Donald Trump. But with this in mind, many would hope that the UK would become significantly more attractive as a way to remain in an English speaking country, but Brexit appears to have put the brakes on this.

Canada came out as the most desirable country for relocation, while Germany and France also featured highly. The US is suffering from the Trump factor as the President has been less than judicious with his use of executive orders and threats to strongly limit even legal immigration to the country. It would have been hoped by many that the UK would have benefited strongly from this, but according to the report the UK hasn't been able to capitalise due to its own problems with domestic stability. With these problems, Canada has been seen as a safe and liberal nation that appears to be open to tech innovation.

The UK faces an existential crisis as far as immigration is concerned; EU negotiators are currently working with Brexit secretary David Davis and his team to try and solidify plans for migration going forward, but these negotiations have been hamstrung by so-called "red lines" that have been set by beleaguered Prime Minister Theresa May. Domestically Theresa May has been criticized roundly for her immovable stance on the future of migration and many believe that she has taken too hard a line by trying to keep alive the manifesto promise of dropping immigration to the tens of thousands.

Whether the condemnation of the government's position will change it remains to be seen, but heavyweights such as potential number 10 contender Ruth Davidson are now coming out to attack the Prime Minister. These stinging attacks will surely continue to damage the Prime Minister, whose position is already precarious following her disastrous campaign for re-election in this year's general election. Though there now appears to at least be an attempt to limit the damage that will be caused by introducing transitional controls on immigration while the UK finalizes its plans.

The tech sector is a leader in innovation and will likely find that liberal countries such as Canada will be the most appealing for it to thrive. The UK needs to harness the openness that's implied by Justin Trudeau and his government in order to encourage the next wave of tech innovation and turn the country into the tech hub that it has the potential to become. If not the consequences could be disastrous to the economy and to the future prosperity of the UK.

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