Is It Possible For Grandparents Sponsor My Application?

Is It Possible For Grandparents Sponsor My Application?

A common question about immigration is if it is possible for your grandparents to sponsor your visa application. It is possible, in certain circumstances, for your grandparents to sponsor your visa application. This is the case if they have indefinite leave to remain in, or are citizens of the UK.

What Is The Right Option If I Have Family In The UK?

Using the family visa, you would be able to join qualifying family members already based in the UK who have settled status or were citizens of the UK. This is the ideal solution for many and makes for a straightforward application process.

What If My Family Are Not Settled In The UK?

This would be much more difficult and you may need to prove a need to be with them in the country. You would need to discuss your individual case with us to see if there are any options that could help.

Like in most cases, nothing is impossible but this scenario isn't ideal and would not make for an ideal application. You would probably need to make a strong case to be accepted in this circumstance.

Can I Work On A Family Visa?

Yes, you can work on a family visa. You may be subject to individual differences in your capabilities, but these will be discussed with you if applicable. If you need any assistance then get in touch and we can offer you more guidance.

Do I Need To Be A Carer For My Grandparents?

Yes, due to the nature of a family visa, you only qualify on the basis of a direct relative, though there is an exemption for family members who you will care for.

Direct relatives are Parents, siblings, spouses and children. So there isn't automatically a right for you to join your grandparents and you would need to be their carer. Talk to us about your options going forward.

Can A Family Visa Be Extended?

Yes, a family visa can be extended and as long as your circumstances have not changed, you should retain the same eligibility rights that you had in the first place.

Like most UK visas there is the option to extend and extending is usually a little more straightforward than the original application process. As long as the eligibility criteria haven't changed and neither have your personal circumstances, then you should be reasonably confident of a successful outcome.

Where Can I Find Out More?

The Home Office website lists a lot of detail on the UK visa routes, or you can contact us and we would be happy to help you with your case.

How We Can Help

As specialist immigration solicitors, we can help you with any and all of your immigration queries. Our services include assistance with applications, appeals and much more.

So to talk to someone today about your visa query, get in touch and let us guide you through the process.

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