How Long Does A Visa Application Take To Be Processed?

How Long Does A Visa Application Take To Be Processed?

If you're preparing your application for a British visa, then you are probably wondering how long it will take for the application to be processed. According to Home Office sources, 90&#x o;f applications are processed within 3 weeks. This then rises to 98&#x w;ithin 6 weeks. There are, as we will show later on, options to speed up this process. Predictably speeding up the process comes at an additional cost and there is still no guarantee of acceptance, you will still need to meet the eligibility criteria set out. Here we look at why a visa application takes so long and how you can speed it up.

Why does it take so long?

Due to significant pressure on the Home Office and a shortage of staff, processing times have been gradually increasing. The problems at the Home Office have not been helped by the UK choosing to leave the European Union in 2019. The decision to leave the European Union is likely to cause huge upheaval in the immigration system and it seems the Home Office is struggling to keep up with demand, this accounts for the 3 week processing times.

The future is uncertain for immigration to the UK and it is why many people are choosing to apply now and ensure their future status rather than wait for rule changes which may negatively affect them. This may well be a wise move on their part. The current Conservative government is actively trying to reduce immigration to the UK and is unlikely to offer much help after "Brexit" to immigrants wanting to move to the UK.

Is there any way to speed things up?

It is possible to speed up certain visa applications. In some application types, there is an option to pay a fee and try to be one of the first 5 people per day who can get their visa turned around in 5 days. This does come at a cost of £490 in addition to the fees already paid. It is a good option for people who need to enter the country quickly and can afford the costs involved.

The 5 person per day limit means that unless you get in very early, you're unlikely to be accepted, but it is a good option to try if you are in a hurry. Though there is also an extra charge of £100 if you are asked to attend in person. You may need to attend in person if they want to interview you to ascertain more detailed information than what is on the application form.

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