Power Struggle at the Heart of the Labour party

Power Struggle at the Heart of the Labour party

Richard Angell the director of Progress which is a "New Labour" supporting faction of the Labour party has insisted that the hard left of the party is trying to push the idea that centrists such as Progress members are terrorist sympathisers. The revelations come as the internal power struggle at the heart of the party has come to light.

The struggles have now become public as the hard left push to discredit the centrists that at one time were the lifeblood of the party. In recent times the hard left has pushed to prominence in the party, mainly with the election of Jeremy Corbyn. Though it appears now that they're heavily supporting the hard left parties such as Antifa that were involved in anti-fascist marches against neo-Nazi's in Charlottesville in recent days. Members have gone as far as insisting that centrists were "terrorist sympathisers" due to many leading centrists claiming that racial issues came down to a failure to listen to those who were involved in supporting white supremacists in the US.

British politics has become polarised in recent times mainly due to Brexit and the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the opposition Labour party. This is in keeping with other elections in the Western world such as that which brought the surprise victory of Donald Trump as US president. Though in France the election of Emmanuel Macron has shown that not all of Europe is so willing to be polarised. Indeed, German chancellor, Angela Merkel is about to run for a fourth term and is well regarded as a liberal icon. Though these liberal centrists seem to be lacking in the other western economies is a sign of the differing relationships that those countries have with immigration.

The recent rise in neo-Nazi sympathising will be of concern to many, as after World War 2 the World turned sharply against the influence of Nazism in the shadow of the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler. But recent influxes of migrants to these economies seem to have encouraged a new generation of would be Nazi's to spread their propaganda of ultra-nationalism and white supremacy. In retaliation, there has been a marked return the hard left and the potential chaos that it brings. Emboldened by the election of Jeremy Corbyn they're working hard in the Labour party to discredit those who take the middle ground as racist sympathisers.

The curious changes of the last few years in politics have come with some unintended consequences, the main one has been the polarisation of political opinion which now means that a mature political state such as the UK has no centrist opposition to the hard left leanings of many Labour members and the increasing push from the hard right of the Conservatives. Indeed in the US the Democrats appear to still be reeling from Hillary Clinton's defeat and have yet to form a strong consensus against Donald Trump. This will need to change quickly; the left in the US desperately needs a strong figure to try and counteract the ever increasing will of the so called alt right in the US. Polarisation cannot be good for these mature democracies but the changes that have happened in the last few years have only made the political scenes less predictable than ever and there needs to be a counterbalance to the extremes that are currently doing so much damage.

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