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If I Was Caught with Possession of Marijuana What Steps can I Take

To whom it may concern, I am a duel citizen of both Australian & United Kingdom and have passports for both countries. About four years ago i was caught with possession of marijuana whilst travelling in Norway. I got a fine and then left to continue travelling. However, i was issued with a Schengen zone ban. I was still able to travel through Europe because i was a UK citizen and i thought the ban was unlawful but by the time i had even realised, i heard that the ban was over. My question is in regards to what consequences this possession may have had on my future travels. I would like to go travelling and i don't know whether or not it will infringe on my ability to enter certain countries. I have fear that if i attempt to enter a county i may be turned around at the border. Much thanks for any help that could be provided

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We are only able to offer you advice on UK immigration. Each country that you travel to will have their own requirements and you are advised to check with each countries respective embassy before you make your travel plans. Most visa application will require you to disclose previous convictions and/ offences. If disclosed, it may affect your application and so you should only book your flights once your visas have been granted.

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