How To Bring My Children To The Join Me In The UK

How To Bring My Children To The Join Me In The UK

If you're investigating coming to the UK and bringing children, you will need to consider their rights under differing visa routes. While most of the UK's visa routes make little allowance for children there are family visas that do. In order to qualify, you will need to prove their reliance on you and their necessity to be in the UK.

Why the UK


For education the UK ranks highly, it has many of the World's finest universities and is a global destination for high-quality learning. This makes it extremely attractive to would-be immigrants who are looking to relocate in order to give themselves and their families a better life. Schools are in good supply and the relative quality is high.

Quality of life

For a high quality of life, the UK also scores highly. With relatively high levels of wealth and low levels of poverty, the UK is a top destination for living a happy and healthy long life. It has some of the World's best healthcare and it is free at the point of use meaning that you will never be turned away in your hour of need.


The UK scores highly in economics. With a stable economy and high levels of employment, the UK is one of the easiest countries in the world to get a job. People from all backgrounds can do well in the job market in the UK and most immigrants would expect to find employment reasonably quickly as long as their English skills are strong. In some industries, the bonus of a second language will be well sought after and a major advantage. The UK is a global hub for many businesses and welcomes those who are multilingual.


The UK is one of the World's most politically stable countries to live in. It has one of the World's oldest democracies and stands as a model for democratic governance worldwide. It is also well policed and there are low crime levels which make it a safe place to raise your children. There is also very low levels of persecution meaning you will not likely be treated differently because of your background and will be assessed more on your merits.


In conclusion, as you may have guessed we think the UK is a great place to raise a family and if you are looking to move with a family then it should be a country that you consider.

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