Avoiding Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa refusals

Avoiding Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa refusals

The Tier 1 entrepreneur visa route is one of the most refused routes that the Home Office has. The fact that there are so many refusals in the route mean that somewhere along the line entrepreneurs are getting it wrong. One of the most likely causes of rejection is going to be a poorly written business plan. It is this document that shows immigration officials whether the person in front of them is a genuine entrepreneur with the potential for growth or not. The high rate of failures will be a concern to those looking at the route as an option for taking their idea and making it a reality in the UK.

So how do you minimise your chances of failure? You have to consider what the immigration official is looking for in your business plan; officials see so many poor attempts by people to enter the UK, that they are highly sensitive to things that do not add up. A poorly considered business plan which doesn't take into account market conditions has a high potential for failure. There is also the business model; if it doesn't look profitable to an immigration official then it is also likely to be refused. Officials are not looking to try and reject every case, the UK needs entrepreneurs as they are the wealth creators of the future and can help to bring economic prosperity to the country, they are simply ensuring that the applicant has a reasonable chance of success.

So we know convincing immigration officials is the biggest part of the battle; good market research will help to ensure that you have done your homework, this is what officials are looking for; if the plan is sloppy, then it has probably been ill conceived and if that is the case then it highlights a high potential for failure. This is what they're looking to minimise, no one wants a country full of failed entrepreneurs, it just isn't sensible for the economy to carry them. So we know that market research is going to take a lot of the risk away.

Bringing in a law firm to check the strength of a business plan is also prudent; specialist firms are used to assessing and correcting poorly conceived business plans and assisting entrepreneurs in their applications giving them the best chance possible of success in their endeavours. The Tier 1 entrepreneur visa route is fraught with risks so its best to minimise them where possible.

Whether you switching from a graduate entrepreneur visa or you are making your first application under the route, please get in touch, our team are very experienced at preparing your application as well as assessing your business plans and can assist in making your dream a reality. Don't take the risk of going it alone, we can greatly increase your chances of success. So get in touch today and see what we can do for you and your entrepreneurial ambitions. Give us a call on 02037442797 or send us an email on info@reissedwards.com.

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