7 Trending Stay at Home Jobs for a UK Migrant Spouse

7 Trending Stay at Home Jobs for a UK Migrant Spouse

Those with the freedom to live and work in the UK have almost limitless options. No longer is it necessary to live in a city or large town, with modern and progressive employment practices and high-speed broadband, more and more people are able to work from home. For the spouse of a UK migrant, finding home-based employment can offer considerable advantages. Not only can home working offer flexibility with family life and children, if the individual is still acquainting themselves with the English language, or perhaps unable to drive in the UK, it can provide the perfect answer.

In this article, we will look at seven roles which, as the spouse of a migrant to the UK, may provide a route to home-based employment, which we sincerely hope will inspire you.

  1. Translators

Depending on your level of language proficiency, providing translation services, either in an employed role or as a freelancer for UK or overseas companies, is a popular way to make money from home. Work may be by phone, online, through offline documents. While Google and other technology providers may be able to perform rudimentary translations, what they cannot do as well is ensure translated text flows and reads well. Many firms publish content of varying types in a range of languages, and hence want to make sure that each variant reads in a consistent manner and is correct from the perspective of customs, dialect, and cultural norms.

How much does it pay?

The average pay for an employed translator in the UK is £23k, but this can rise as high as £39k+. Freelancer translators may be able to earn considerably more and charge on an hourly basis.

  1. Web or Graphic designer

Technology is now enabling roles that would traditionally have been office-based, to be undertaken anywhere. Given the necessary brief, graphic designers can now work entirely from home using standard graphics packages (e.g. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator). Likewise, web designers use internationally adopted technology with which to create new site layouts. While it is likely that a UK employer will require strong English language skills, there is nothing to stop you from working for any country in the world, even your native country. The beauty of online creative work undertaken by phone and online is that clients are less likely to care, or even be aware, where you are located in the world.

How much does it pay?

In the UK, a web or graphic designer working full time can expect to earn on average between around £30 - 45K+ depending on the employer and the level of skill set.

  1. Technical and customer support roles

There is a strong demand for home-based technical support technicians, in both English and overseas languages. Many UK businesses provide services to or receive services from clients who are outside of the UK and hence require personnel who can speak in their native language. Some roles may require a background or qualifications in a specific technology. EU, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern languages are in popular demand for such roles.

How much does it pay?

Specialist technical support roles can pay around £35k on average. The customer service role typically offers a salary of £20k - £25k. The pay for this type of work can vary considerably depending on the level of technical skills and qualifications required.

  1. Online English Teacher

Home-based English tutors are in popular demand by students based in China who wish to improve their level of English and are provided through online language education providers.  It is important to carefully select a provider with a strong and reliable reputation for providing services in this area (not all do).

How much does it pay?

Online English teachers are often paid on an hourly basis and can expect to receive between £10 and £25 per hour. 

  1. Marketing/Content Writer

If English is your native language or if your written English language skills are particularly strong, you may be able to secure work as a content writer.  There is almost no limit to the demand for content writers, whether in the UK or internationally.  The role entails writing all forms of written content for marketing purposes, including website, blogs, whitepapers, brochures, and emails.  If you have a particular industry niche, you may be in even more demand and be able to attract more pay.  Employers/clients will typically demand a very high quality of written work, which is unique, accurate, and delivered promptly. 

How much does it pay?

Content writers can earn high levels of pay depending on their focus area and the location of the client. Specialist content for a large corporation, for example, will pay much more than more generic content for a small local business. You may expect to charge anything between £30 and £200+ per item, depending on the complexity and length of the content you are providing.

  1. Baking / Cooking

New start-up businesses are now enabling home-based cooks to make food for the UK home delivery industry. One such company is currently seeking cooks and bakers who can make a minimum of three British or international dishes from home. They provide the technology which ensures the customer, chef (you), and delivery driver are all connected and coordinated. While this is a very new way of working for home-based individuals, if managed carefully, it can provide additional income and allow flexible working. That said, as the orders may arrive at varying times during the week and day, you will need to ensure you are available to make food on demand when it is required.

How much does it pay?

Depending on your location, range of food, and demand, pay may range from £100 to several thousand.  And, of course, you will also need to consider the cost of the food you will need to supply.

  1. Home-based telesales

This last possibility may not seem the most exciting, but if you have a natural inclination towards sales, plenty of charm, enjoy speaking to new people, and a determined personality, home-based sales roles can be extremely rewarding.  Pay is typically based on performance, and if you select an employer with products and services which provide high rates of commission, the work may pay well.  It is often little in the way of specific qualifications needed, however, you will most likely require a strong competency in the English language, and a background in sales.  And additionally, because you will be speaking to many people, for non-native English-speakers, such work can considerably improve their language skills and confidence. 

How much does it pay?

Home-based sales advisors may earn between £10k and £75k depending on the level and structure of the commission being paid. 

Final words

Home-based working provides an exciting, flexible, and varied way to earn additional money if you are the spouse of a migrant to the UK. But don't be deterred, if the first role you try is not suitable, then do try others; eventually, you are likely to find your dream role in the UK. Remember, persistence is the key.

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