DL Application

An individual, who has been offered Discretionary Leave to remain in the United Kingdom on the basis of been rejected an asylum claim application, such a person can make an application to extend a Discretionary Leave by completing the DL application form.

An individual, who has been initially offered Discretionary Leave to remain in the UK as a result of the rejection of his/her asylum claim application and then extension of the same application for an additional 3 years, can make an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) when he/she has completely elapsed 6 years in the UK. This application for Indefinite Leave to Remain is also to be made by completing and submitting the DL application form.

Case study

Regarding my 10 years of lawful residency. I just shortly describe my case. I came in October, 2005 on a student visa until January 2013. I had fallen in love with a Germany student flatmate since September 2011 and living together and got married December 2012. She had health insurance after we got married still I am carrying on. And she was continuing her study from 2011 to still now. At this moment she is doing her PhD at ucl and at the same time teaching assistants. And in the holidays, she was working several institutions as part-time for the last 5 years. Ref: her Facebook. In April 2014, she moved to Warwick uni, after that we had unofficially dis-contract. I had filed for a divorced file, 25th June 2016, and got a degree 2nd June 2016. At the moment, I have her honors certificate but I do not have her master's and present Ucl uni documents. Though I collected her studentship documents from Warwick uni and UCL uni website. I am working since 2005 to now, I have always paid tax , study record was good, no criminal record. I have hereditary family blindness But did not have health insurance. My lawyer told me 22nd June 2015 there were new laws that EEU student and her husband both must have health insurance. I did my insurance from December, 2015 and still carrying on. At this moment I am looking for 10 years lawful residency application. But my lawyer was is concerned about my insurance and another I have her educational documents but most I got from the university website. Last year when my 10 years was fulfilled at that time my lawyer told me first take retain right of residency then apply for ILR. Now he applied for retained right resident permit last week.. But he said my 10 years lawful residency is broken because of I didn't have my 6 months insurance. My lawyer told me, the 6 months gaps of my insurance; caused my 10 years lawful residency to be broken. Her educational documents is also another problem as well. And I won't be able to bring my new spouse in uk by the retain right of residency if I will get married in the future. At this moment, I am very upset about my 10 years of lawful residency and also the fact that I cannot bring my new spouse if I will get married. So please let me know how I can overcome this problem and if what my lawyer imagines about my case is true or false? My humble request, please let me know what steps I should take. I am helpless. I want you to handle my case, please handle my case if you think I can win my case.


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